WhatsApp on Android and iPhone integrates directly into your contact book. As long as a contact is on WhatsApp, it will appear in the app. But you can also quickly add a contact to WhatsApp right in the app.

How to add a contact in WhatsApp on Android

If someone hands you a business card and you want to quickly start the conversation in WhatsApp, add them as a contact directly in WhatsApp. When you do this, the person’s information will sync with your contact book (and with Google, depending on your settings).

To do this, open the WhatsApp application for Android, go to the “Chats” section and press the “New Message” button located in the lower right corner.

Here, choose the option “New contact”.

You will now see all the usual fields. Type in their name, company details and phone number. From there, hit the “Save” button.

You can now search for the user and start a conversation immediately.

You can also easily add a contact from a contact card. To do this, press the “Add a contact” button on the contact card.

WhatsApp will ask you if you want to add it to an existing contact or if you want to create a new one. It is better to create a new contact here, so choose the “New” option.

You will now see the default screen to add a new contact, with all the details filled out. Just press the “Save” button to save the contact.

How to add contact in WhatsApp on iPhone

The process on the iPhone to add a contact is slightly different. After opening the WhatsApp application for iPhone, go to the “Chats” section and tap the “New Message” icon in the upper right corner.

Here, choose the option “New contact”.

From this screen, enter the contact details, such as person name, company and contact number (WhatsApp will also tell you if the number is on WhatsApp or not). Then press the “Save” button.

The contact has now been added to WhatsApp and the contact book on your iPhone. You can search for them and start chatting.

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You can also add a new contact from a contact card. Here, press the “Save Contact” button.

In the pop-up window, choose the “Create New Contact” button to create a new contact entry.

You will now see the contact details screen with all the available information already filled in. You can add more details here if you want. Then press the “Save” button to add the contact to both WhatsApp and your contact book.

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