Amid the pandemic, Zoom has been at the forefront of many debates, including the discussion of the best video conferencing tool, end-to-end encryption, security vulnerabilities, and more. Despite all this, Zoom presented itself as a feature-rich video conferencing solution with unique additions such as virtual backgrounds and screen sharing. Specifically talking about the virtual background feature here, it made Zoom extremely popular and competitors like Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex immediately copied the feature.

That said, Zoom’s most popular feature – the virtual background – wasn’t available on Android devices, but that will change now. With the new update, Zoom has added support for virtual backgrounds on Android and you can have it on any Android smartphone. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and learn how to add Zoom virtual background on Android smartphones.

Add Zoom Virtual Backgrounds on Android

1. First, open the Play Store and update the Zoom app. you should be sure version 5.3.52640.0920 or higher to be able to use the Zoom virtual background feature on Android. If the new update has not reached your device, you can download the latest Zoom APK from here.

2. After the update, open the Zoom app and join a meeting. Now press the 3 dot menu in the bottom bar and open “Virtual background”.

3. Here you will find 3 preloaded backgrounds. Tap on any of them and Zoom virtual background will be live on your Android device. If you want add your own images then press the “+” button and select your image. That’s it.

4. And if you want remove zoom virtual background on Android then press “None”. All that said, keep in mind that Zoom only supports images as virtual backgrounds on Android. You will have to wait for a future update if you intend to use videos as your Zoom virtual background on Android.

Change Zoom Background on Android in Four Steps

This is how you can add Zoom virtual backgrounds on Android. As you can see, the steps are quite simple and anyone can change Zoom background without much expertise. While the update is here and live, we hope Zoom brings more advanced features to Android on par with other platforms. Anyway, it all comes from us. If you want to learn more about these awesome Zoom tips and tricks, check out our linked article.