What happens when we keep getting unwanted emails in Apple Mail? Well, most of us block them to prevent annoying emails from messing up the inbox. But the bigger question is, does simple blocking completely solve the problem? No! Unfortunately, unwanted emails keep flooding the inbox even after you put them on the block list. And if you want to keep those emails out of sight, you have to take the extra step of deleting them. But don’t worry, there’s a way to automatically move blocked emails to Trash in Apple Mail on iOS and macOS devices. Let me show you how this blocked mail filtering feature works in Apple Mail!

Automatically Move Blocked Emails to Trash in Apple Mail on iPhone/iPad and Mac

Apple Mail marks blocked emails so you can easily spot them in the inbox and avoid opening them. The reason the mail app doesn’t throw them straight into the trash is that it thinks you might want to check those emails before deleting them from the inbox.

While this default behavior doesn’t seem out of context, I don’t think too many people would prefer to check blocked emails before discarding them. I guess maybe the email app wants to avoid being cursed for wrongly blocking a real email.

Automatically send blocked emails to trash on iOS

  1. To get started, run the Applying Settings on your device and choose To post.

2. Now access the Threading heading and select Blocked sender options.

3. Next, select the Move to Trash/Trash option.

That’s about it! AT?? In the future, all blocked emails will automatically be moved to your iPhone and iPad’s Trash. Of course, if you ever want to change this behavior and leave them in the inbox, go back to this same setting and choose the “Leave in Inbox” option at the end.

Automatically send blocked emails to Trash on macOS

  1. Start the Messaging app on your Mac.

2. Now click on the Mail menu in the upper left corner of the screen and choose Preferences.

3. Select the Junk Mail Tab then make sure the switch for Enable blocked/junk mail filtering the option is activated.

4. Next, mark the circle To the left of “Move it to the Trash.”

5. Now a pop-up window will appear saying: “Move all messages marked as junk in the selected mailbox to the junk mailbox. Depending on how you’ve set your mailbox behavior preferences in the Accounts pane of Mail Preferences, unwanted mailbox messages can be deleted automatically. » Finally, click Move to confirm.

Keep blocked emails out of sight in Apple Mail

That’s all we can say about it! This is how you can better manage blocked emails. Now that you know how this junk mail filtering works in Apple Mail, take advantage of it to prevent junk mail from cluttering the inbox.

By the way, what do you think of this useful feature? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Also, let us know how Apple Mail compares to the best third-party email apps for iOS and macOS.