Despite Microsoft’s great efforts, users do not find the Microsoft Store attractive enough to install software. People always prefer to download portable software directly from developer websites. However, there is a downside to this approach. Apart from portable installers (mostly EXE files), lots of adware and bloatware are bundled and installed on your system unknowingly. The junkware is bundled together in such a sneaky way that it makes you click “Next” without giving it much thought. So, if you are looking for a solution that automatically skips adware bundled on Windows 10 during program installation, follow our guide.

Automatically ignore bundled adware on Windows 10

Before we begin, let me point out that Unchecky is no longer in development and was last update in 2018. That said, the program works flawlessly and still catches adware injection while installing programs. There may be instances where some advanced adware escapes their monitoring, but for the most part it works fine. That said, let’s get to the steps.

1. First of all, download Unchecky (To free) on your Windows 10 computer. After that, install the program, then it will be under the system tray.

2. Now, Unchecky performs its services in the background and you don’t have to do anything. If you wish, you can change notifications and update preferences by double-clicking on them.

3. Now that Unchecky is up and running, let’s test how well it works. Here, for example, I’m installing uTorrent which is a popular torrent client, but it’s full of junkware. Below, as you can see, Unchecky automatically unchecked the installation of an additional installation.

5. Next, we install another popular driver tool: IObit Driver Booster. Although the program is excellent at what it does, it contains a fair amount of bloatware. That said, Unchecky automatically deselect bundled adware during the installation process, as you can see below.

4. Just in case I accidentally click “Install” for bloatware, Unchecky prompts you to reconfirm your approval. This way, even the most sneaky adware installation will be caught red-handed.

Prevent Junkware Installation on Windows 10 with Unchecky

This is how you can automatically ignore bundled adware and all kinds of bloatware on Windows 10 while installing various software and tools. Sure, the program hasn’t been updated for two years, but it still works and does a great job. So, if you want to find other unique programs for Windows 10, check out our linked article. Either way, it’s all about us. If you found the article informative, comment below and let us know.