Do you get a lot of “Scam Likely” calls on your phone? T-Mobile is flagging these scam calls so you can ignore them, but wouldn’t it be great if you could block them in the first place? Now you can.

T-Mobile customers can easily activate fraudulent call blocking via T-Mobile Scam Shield App for iPhone and Android. The app also offers various other features: you can activate caller ID, view blocked calls and automatically send certain types of calls (like telemarketing, political calls). , surveys and charity calls) to voicemail. This application also works with Metro by T-Mobile accounts.

To block all fraudulent calls, download the app and log in with your T-Mobile account details. Press the “Activate” button in the Scam Block pane.

This activates Scam Block for your T-Mobile account – calls will be blocked by T-Mobile at network level even before being sent to your phone.

Keep in mind that some legitimate calls you might want to receive are sometimes marked as “Scam Likely”. Activating Scam Block may result in legitimate calls caught in the crossfire, especially calls from businesses.

You can still open the Scam Shield app and press “Activity” to see blocked calls. You can also tap “Manage” and add favorite numbers to make sure they won’t be blocked by the scam block. The numbers you have added to your favorites will never be blocked.

There are other ways to activate T-Mobile Fraudulent Call Blocker. According to T-Mobile, you can dial # 662 # from your T-Mobile phone or log into your account on the My T-Mobile website and activate Scam Block from there.