Larry Tesler created the “copy and paste” simple copy the texts and Notes from one page and paste them on another. This simple innovation changed the way we use our computers. The advancement of technology has now allowed us to take this simple copy-and-paste function to new heights. Last year, Parisian designer Cyril Diagne created a unique app that lets users copy real-world objects and paste them onto a computer using augmented reality (AR). Here’s how to copy and paste real-world objects in augmented reality using your iPhone and Android.

Copy and Paste Real-World Objects in AR

AR is one of the big upcoming technologies of the future and hopefully it will become sooner rather than later. Companies like Apple are working to bring that future closer by including hardware specifically for AR in their products. This year alone, Apple has included a LiDAR sensor in its new iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max flagship smartphones.

This makes me hope things will get interesting soon. Anyway, keeping my thoughts aside, let’s see how you can use your iPhone or Android smartphones to create an AR model of real-world objects.


The application, dubbed “ClipDrop”, was recently launched on the Play Store and the App Store. So, before you start copying objects and texts in the real world, you need to download and install the app on your mobile device.

There is also a Windows and macOS version of the app you need to paste the copied data to your PC or Mac. So, before starting the tutorial, make sure to install the apps on your phone and laptop.

How to use ClipDrop to copy and paste in AR

So now that your smartphone and PC or Mac are all equipped with ClipDrop, let’s get to the steps, shall we:

1. Open ClipDrop on your iOS or Android device.

2. Here, select the “Clip” option from the bottom mode bar. Point your smartphone camera at the object or subject you want to copy in augmented reality and tap in the middle of the screen to capture it.

3. Wait for the app to detect the object, separate it from the background and convert it to an AR model. Now, with the copied object on your screen, point your smartphone at your PC or Mac with the ClipDrop app open on it. Press the “Drop” button to paste the copied AR model to your computer.

Note: To paste AR objects on your PC or Mac, make sure your mobile device and computer are connected to the same network connection.

Pretty awesome, right? This way, you can add any real-world object to various editing or modeling software like Adobe Photoshop or Unity with maximum ease.

Other features and subscription model

Now, in addition to copying objects and even people, you can also copy handwritten or printed text, much like Google Lens’ cross-platform copy and paste. Plus, you can click images and send them to your computer or laptop seamlessly using ClipDrop’s cross-platform support.

As for the pricing and subscription model, the app itself is free. However, without a monthly or yearly subscription of $9.99 (~Rs 735) and $39.99 (~Rs 3,942) respectively, you will only be able to copy 10 clips. That said, support for copying texts and photos in ClipDrop is unlimited on the free version.

Create AR models of real-world objects using your phone

Hope you enjoyed this fun tutorial. I found the app useful and it’s impressive how well it works. So give it a try and let us know how it works for you guys. Express your experiences in the comments section below.