Line is a popular chat app that allows users to send messages, make phone calls, video calls, and more. My favorite feature of online chat is the wide selection of stickers that are not available on popular chat apps like WhatsApp. That’s why I use Line as my messaging app. And for security reasons, I create and keep a local backup of my online chats, so that I won’t lose them even if I lose or lock my phone. In this article, I will show you how to create a local online chat backup on iPhone and Android devices.

Create Local Chat Backup on iOS and Android

Just like other messaging apps, Line allows users to create cloud backups. Whether you are using Android or iOS devices, you can use several methods to backup online chats to Google Drive and iCloud.

  • To create a cloud backup of Line chats on iOS, open Line and go to Settings -> Chat -> Chat history backup, and tap “Back up now”.
  • On Android phones, go to Settings -> Chats -> Backup and restore chat history, then tap Backup to Google Drive.

But I don’t use any of these methods for Line and all my chat apps. That’s because even though messaging apps like Line offer end-to-end encryption, your online backups aren’t encrypted. So theoretically anyone with access to your Google Drive or iCloud account can read these chats. I for one am a little hesitant so I like to keep an offline backup of my chats.

Create Online Chat Offline Backup Using MobileTrans

To create a local backup of my online chats, I use a third-party backup manager app called MobileTrans. You can download it by going to Wondershare MobileTrans website for free. It is available for macOS and Windows devices. Note that the free version has limited functionality, and you will need to unlock the paid version to get full functionality. What I like about their website is that they have official guides for all the features the app has to offer.

Alright, given that you have downloaded and installed the app, the process of backing up your chats is pretty straightforward. Just follow the steps and you’ll be done in no time.

1. Launch the app, then connect your phone to your computer. I use MobileTrans on my Mac to take a backup of online chat on iPhone.

2. Here, click on the Transfer button under the “WhatsApp Transfer” menu.

3. Now select Line and click on the “Save” button.

4. Finally, click start to start the backup process.

5. A backup screen will appear which will show you the progress of your backup. Depending on the amount of data, this may take several minutes, so be patient.

Create offline backup of online chat

The biggest advantage of creating a backup like this is that you can transfer the backup to a new device. This means you can switch devices without losing access to your old chats. I mean, how cool. As you can see, MobileTrans makes it easy to create online chat backup offline. So download the app and try it for yourself.