With the release of iOS 15 at its WWDC 2021 conference, Apple added a myriad of new features, including the ability to FaceTime between iOS and Android, screen sharing in FaceTime, and more. Among other things, Safari in iOS 15 not only brought a major overhaul, but also other significant changes that make Apple’s browser more robust and on par with its competitors. One of them is the ability to customize the start page background image in Safari for more personalization.

Customize Start Page Background Image in Safari on iOS 15 (2021)

In this article, we will tell you how to add wallpaper to Safari start page (or new tab page) in iOS 15 on your iPhone. Apple lets you choose from a set of predefined background images or upload one of your own. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the steps on how to customize Safari start page background image in iOS 15.

How to Add Background Image to Start Page in Safari on iOS 15

  • First, open the Safari browser on your iOS or iPadOS device.
  • If an existing web page is not already open, the application will display the start page. If you are browsing a website, you must open a new tab to view the start page. You can do this by first tapping the “tab view” icon, then by pressing the “+” button to the left of the URL bar.
  • Now once the start page is open, scroll all the way down to find the “Edit” button. Press the “Edit” button to open the “Customize start page” settings.
  • At the bottom of this settings page, you can find the ” Background picture “ to fall over. Press the button next to activate the feature.
  • Now you can add one of 9 predefined images as your Safari start page background image in iOS 15. Or, you can upload an image from your gallery by by tapping on the “+” tile on the top row.
  • Finally, tap the cross button in the top right corner or just swipe down to close the map. And There you go ! You have now successfully customized the start page background for Safari in iOS 15.

By following the above steps, you can set your favorite image as your Safari new tab page background. Personally, I like the functionality. It doesn’t add any functionality, that’s true, but it’s a big quality-of-life change for Apple’s mobile browser.

Meanwhile, speaking of useful features, Safari now supports third-party extensions. It’s a nifty little addition for those who use Safari for extensive browsing on their mobile devices. You can find out how to install extensions in Safari on iOS 15 via the linked article.

Customize the Look and Feel of Safari’s New Tab Page

So yeah, that’s how you can change the Safari start page wallpaper in iOS 15. As for its global availability, Apple will probably roll out the stable version of iOS 15 in September, which he usually does. However, you can check whether your device is iOS 15 compatible or not and install iOS 15 beta on your device immediately. You will be able to get a taste of all the amazing new features coming to your iPhone.