Besides customizing the Apple Watch faces with a variety of complications for a more personalized experience, I usually tweak the app view from time to time. Sometimes putting all the apps in the “List View” does the trick for me. At other times, simply rearranging app icons gives a slightly refreshed look to the app view. If you haven’t unlocked this nifty Apple Watch hack yet, follow along to learn how to customize the Apple Watch app view to your liking.

Tips for Customizing the Apple Watch App View

watchOS lets you choose from two types of views: List and Grid. While list view lines up all installed apps in apple pie order (i.e. an alphabetical scrolling view), grid view (also known as nested view bee) presents application icons in a hexagonal grid. Moreover, the grid view gives you the flexibility to place the circular watch app icons wherever you want for a customized look.

Switch Between Grid View and List View on Apple Watch

It’s quite easy to switch between list and grid on watchOS.

  1. To throw Settings app on your Apple Watch.

2. Now press Application view.

3. Next, select the preferred view:

  • List view: Places applications in alphabetical order.
  • Grid view: Arrange the apps in a hexagonal grid. By default, it is selected.

To note:

  • It should be noted that Apple has slightly changed the process of switching between list and grid view in watchOS 7 due to the removal of Force Touch.
  • In watchOS 6 or earlier, you can simply touch and hold the Apple Watch home screen and then choose the preferred view. It was pretty simple in the Force Touch era.

Switch Between List and Grid Using Watch App on iPhone

Changing the app view is just as easy using the Watch app for iOS.

  1. Start the Watch app on your iPhone.

2. Now make sure the My watch is selected in the lower left corner of the screen.

3. Then press Application view.

4. Next, select the desired view and the change will take effect instantly.

Rearrange Apple Watch Apps in Grid View Using iPhone

Although watchOS does not offer an option to fine-tune the list view, you do have the option to rearrange apps in grid view using the Watch app on iPhone.

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone, then tap the Application view.

2. Now make sure the Grid view is selected. Then press Arrangement.

3. Finally, touch and hold an app icon and place it in the preferred location. Well, you can choose to keep all your favorite games on one side and put your workout/expense tracker apps on the other side for quick access.

Once you have customized the app layout, exit the setting. Now check the change on your Apple Watch.

Easily adjust the Apple Watch app view

This is how you can change the view of the Apple Watch app. Now that you know how it works, take the opportunity to drive away the monotonous sensations. watchOS 7 introduced a wide range of new features, including battery health, native sleep tracking, and private MAC address. Let me know which ones turned out to be your top picks and what are your expectations from watchOS 8?