iMessage effects like lasers, confetti, and celebrations are fun. To me, they’re as exciting as the hilarious Memoji Stickers and Animojis that never fail to lose their charm. While I love everything about bubble and screen effects, I make sure to turn off their autoplay in threads, especially when my device is facing battery drain issues. Luckily, the process of disabling iMessage autoplay on Apple Watch is just as easy as on iPhone.

Enable/Disable Autoplay iMessage Auto Effects on Apple Watch

Ideally, it would have been better if the toggle to enable/disable automatic iMessage effects on watchOS had been located in the Messages app setting. Instead, it got into the accessibility setting (both on iOS and watchOS), which is why few of us know how to stop them from auto-playing in chat threads on Apple Watch. Not to mention that some of us wonder if there is an option to control these effects. Anyway, let me show you how it works!

  1. To throw To look at app on your paired iPhone.

2. Now make sure that My watch the tab is selected. Then press Accessibility.

3. Then press Reduce movement.

To note:

  • For those unfamiliar, Reduce Motion is designed to restrict the animation and automatic resizing of the Apple Watch user interface on the home screen and when launching and closing apps.

5. Now turn off the switch right next to Autoplay Message Effects to disallow autoplay full screen effects in the Messages app.

Going forward, iMessage effects will no longer play automatically. If you have already wished to consult them, you can press the Replay button. Also, if you want to bring these effects back to their full glory, go back to the same setting and then enable the toggle right next to Autoplay Message Effects.

To note:

  • To turn off autoplay message effects on your iPhone, go to the Settings app -> Accessibility -> Motion. Now turn off the toggle for Message Autoplay Effects.

Enable/Disable Autoplay iMessage Auto Effects on watchOS

This is how you can enable control of autoplay message effects on your Apple Watch. Save this nifty little tip for those times when you’re more concerned with improving your smartwatch’s battery life than checking how cool each effect is or just finding them boring/distracting.

With a slew of notable features like sleep tracking, handwashing detection, and battery health, watchOS 7 is a major upgrade. Which of these features impressed you the most and what do you expect from watchOS 8? It would be great to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.