With nifty drag-and-drop gestures, moving files from one place to another is always so smooth. Simply pick up the files you want to move between apps, then drop them all to your desired destination, and you’re good to go! If you find this multitasking feature useful, you’d be happy to know that Apple now lets you drag and drop images, documents, and text from one app to another in iOS 15. So if you want to learn how do, here’s how to drag and drop files between apps in iOS 15 on iPhone.

Drag and drop images and text between apps in iOS 15 on iPhone (2021)

Although the inter-application drag and drop gesture has existed on iPad since iOS 11 (2017), the Cupertino giant was hesitant to introduce it on iPhone for reasons he knows better. Maybe Apple thought it wouldn’t be practical to use the drag-and-drop gesture on the iPhone (with its smaller screen size), or maybe they wanted to keep the feature exclusive. to iPads. Although I cannot identify the reason for the change of heart, I am impressed with how smooth the drag and drop movement is in iOS 15.

That said, let’s learn how to use the split and drop gesture to move files between apps in iOS 15:

  • To drag and drop files to an iPhone running iOS 15, long-press and hold a text, document, or image. Without lifting that finger, be sure to use a second finger to swipe out of the current app and head to another app where you want to drop the file.
  • You can swipe up to go to the home screen and access the app where you want to paste the file. Alternatively, you can swipe from left to right on the pill to quickly switch between apps.
  • When you’re in another app, you’ll see a green “plus” icon in the top right of the file you’re moving between apps. Once you see this, it means you can drop the file to the preferred location of this app.

It should be noted that when you long press on an image or file, it pops up and sticks to your finger. Accordingly, it is more convenient to drag the desired content. Moreover, the beautiful animations and visual cues play a key role in identifying the preferred destination where you want to drop the content.

Moreover, it is better to demonstrate such a great multitasking feature live than to explain it through simple pictures. That’s why I’ve created some GIFs to help you better understand how drag and drop works in iOS 15 apps. Here you can see me easily drag and drop images from Photos app to Notes :

You can also drag and drop text between apps just as easily. Looked! This can be useful when you want to share an interesting fact with friends or research a project while lazing on the couch.

Make the Most of Drag and Drop Between Apps in iOS 15

That’s it! Now that you know how this nifty multitasking feature works, take advantage of it to move content faster between apps. From what I can tell after trying this feature (in the iOS 15 developer beta), it works without issue. At first, you might find it a bit awkward to drag and drop images or text, as you have to do finger gymnastics. However, once you get used to it, you’ll find the feature easy to use.

Along with the drag and drop gesture, iOS 15 brought several notable features, including the ability to blur the background in FaceTime video calls, Appledigital inheritance, Health Sharing, and super-convenient Tab Groups. in Safari on iOS 15. So be sure to check out our linked guides if you haven’t explored all of these new features yet.