Times when I want to be at peace with myself; Especially during leisure time or moving meditation, the very first thing I do to avoid unwanted interruptions is to turn on Do Not Disturb on the Apple Watch. Once DND is enabled, sounds and taps are disabled on the smartwatch so you are not distracted by incoming alerts. If you’re curious about how this useful feature works, let me help you turn on and customize Do Not Disturb on your Apple Watch.

Set up and customize Do Not Disturb on your Apple Watch

You can invoke Do Not Disturb directly from your Apple Watch without having to rely on your paired iPhone. Additionally, you can also choose to have DND mode on for an hour, until evening, or even leave it on until you leave a particular location, which could be perfect for those times when you’re on the go. reunion or enjoy a movie with your loved one. those.

Additionally, watchOS allows you to have your smartwatch mirror your iPhone’s Do Not Disturb setting or vice versa. So, depending on your needs, you can ideally customize DND on your iPhone (Settings app -> Do Not Disturb) and have the wearable device follow the custom setting.

For example, you can allow calls only from favorites and also disable repeat calls during DND hours and have the smartwatch follow the same setting. Also, if you don’t like being disturbed during your rigorous workouts, there’s an option to enable ‘Workout Do Not Disturb’ on the Apple Watch. With these things in mind, let’s start with some quick steps!

Enable Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch

  1. First, press the digital crown to access the watch face.

2. Now swipe up from the bottom of the watch face to access Control center.

3. Next, press the Do not disturb button.

4. Then you have four options a choice:

  • At: Select it to enable Do Not Disturb on your Apple Watch.
  • On for 1 hour: Choose it to enable DND mode on your watchOS device for 1 hour.
  • Until tonight: Activate DND mode and keep it activated until tonight.
  • Until I go: Activate DND on your smartwatch and keep it activated until you leave the particular location.

Choose the desired option to enable Do Not Disturb on your Apple smartwatch and exit the control center.

Enable Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch Using Watch App from iPhone

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

2. Now press the My watch tab in the lower left corner of the screen.

3. Then press General.

4. Then choose Do not disturb.

5. Next, turn on the switch right next to Mirror iPhone.

To note:

  • Note that you can also enable Do Not Disturb when you start a workout by toggling the switch for Do Not Disturb.
  • Once enabled, Apple Watch will automatically turn Do Not Disturb on when you start a workout and turn it off when your workout ends.

Use Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch

So that’s about it! Now that you know how to invoke and customize Do Not Disturb on your Apple Watch, take the opportunity to avoid distractions. Since this feature has been on watchOS since its inception, you can enable it on any generation of Apple Watch.

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Do you have any questions or comments regarding this useful feature? If so, be sure to film it in the comments section below.