As we concluded in our WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram comparison, Signal is a highly secure messaging service that offers a number of security features to protect your privacy. So, in this article, we are explaining one of the best features of Signal and that is record locking. This is basically the two-factor authentication feature that requires you to enter an additional PIN when registering Signal on a new device. So, if you want to further improve your security and enable two-factor authentication on Signal, follow the steps below.

Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on the signal

Before moving on to our tutorial, here are some notable points to keep in mind:

Notable points to keep in mind

  • In case you forget your PIN code and do not have access to your old device, you will need to wait 7 days for the record lock to expire. Only then can you log in to Signal and create a new PIN. So, to be on the safe side, write down the PIN code and keep it in a safe place.
  • Currently, Signal does not support Authenticator apps or offer backup codes. You must memorize the PIN code which will serve as a 2FA key.
  • PIN is not your screen lock or chat restore/backup key for Signal. It is used for record locking and preserving your profile settings.
  • Setting up 2FA on Signal will protect you in case someone manages to swap your SIM. Princeton University made a depth study and found that US carriers granted SIM swap requests even when the caller could only answer a single authentication question. You must therefore ensure that 2FA is activated to prevent any hacking attempt.

Configure two-factor authentication (2FA) on Signal

1. First, tap your profile icon in the upper left corner and open “ Privacy“.

2. Next, scroll down and enable “record lock”. This will enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Signal account. Now, every time you reinstall Signal, it will ask you for the PIN as well as the one-time code sent to your device.

3. In case you do not remember your pin code Then you can simply tap on “Change your PIN” and create a new one. You can create a PIN of at least 4 digits or a maximum of 20 digits. If you wish, you can also create an alphanumeric PIN. Make sure you don’t forget the PIN as you will need it when reinstalling and restoring your profile.

4. Keep in mind that Signal remind you to re-enter the PIN code from time to time so that it is engraved in your memory. If you find the prompt annoying, you can turn off the “PIN Reminders” toggle. However, I would not recommend this action if you frequently forget passwords and PIN.

Enable record lock on signal to enable 2FA

This is how you can enable two-factor authentication on Signal. As it is clear from the guide above, the PIN is of paramount importance and you should make sure to remember it or store the PIN in a safe place. Unlike other messaging apps, Signal takes privacy very seriously, so you need to go the extra mile to protect your privacy. Anyway, it all comes from us. If you want to learn more about these Signal tips and tricks, head over to our linked article. And if you have any questions, comment below and let us know.