Chromebooks are pretty awesome. They have a lightweight operating system, decent app support, and capabilities to get your work done, and more. However, Chrome OS basically uses Chrome for everything. So if you’re trying to use multiple Chrome windows to perform different tasks, it’s easy to get lost in the middle of all your windows. If that sounds like a relevant experience, Chrome OS 87 has good news for you. You can finally name windows in Chromebooks to better organize your work. So here’s how to enable window naming in Chrome OS.

How to Enable Window Naming in Chrome OS

Whether it’s distinguishing your work Chrome windows from Netflix and YouTube playback windows, or just something you want to try, Window Naming is a nice new feature in Chrome OS 87. As such, it’s important that you have updated your Chromebook to Chrome OS 87 before trying this. If you did, just follow our guide to enable and use window naming right away.

  • Launch Chrome and go to chrome://flags
  • Right here, search for ‘window name’. You will find a flag called ‘#window-naming’.
  • Click on the drop-down menu that says “Default” and change it to “Enabled”.
  • Finally, click on the Restart button at the bottom right of the screen.

How to Use Window Naming in Chrome OS

Now that you’ve enabled window naming on your Chromebook, here’s how to name windows in Chrome OS.

  • Right-click on the title bar of any Chrome window on your Chromebook. A context menu will appear with a bunch of options for the window. Towards the end of this list, you will see the option to set a name for the window, aptly called “Name window”.
  • You can define any window name you want.
  • Then, whenever you use the Alt+Tab shortcut in Chrome OS to switch between windows, you’ll see the names of the windows you’ve assigned.

Trust me, if you ever find yourself with more than three separate Chrome windows open on your Chromebook, this feature will come in very handy.

Enable window naming in Chrome OS and organize your workflow

Personally, I usually only use my Chromebook for a few tasks, mostly for work. However, I end up looking for multiple things at once, which means I have multiple Chrome windows open for different topics. The new window naming function is therefore very useful to me. But what do you think? Is it something you also want to use? Share your thoughts in the comments below.