There are all sorts of reasons why PDF remains the top choice as a preferred document format. Whether it’s universal compatibility or enhanced security through password protection or the ability to retain the original intended layout of the file, the portable document format has a distinct advantage over others. sizes. Since most of us have to deal with PDF files on a regular basis, we often find ourselves in situations where we need to extract photos from PDF documents. Knowing that the process requires a bit of a workaround, I thought it would be cool to share some handy tips for easily recovering images from PDFs on platforms like macOS, Windows, Web, iOS and Android.

Extract photos from PDF documents on macOS, Windows, iOS and Android

Maybe you want to save a PDF image for a keepsake. Maybe you want to extract a photo PDF and save it to your personal library so you can use it at some point. Whatever your goal, there are a few useful tools that can do your job without any hassle. That said, let’s start with the guide!

Extract Photos from PDF Documents on Mac and Windows PC

Although there are several PDF image extractors, Adobe Acrobat Reader remains my favorite tool for extracting images from PDF documents on computer. It is available for free and works as expected.

Adobe Acrobat Reader supports macOS and Windows. As for the process, it is the same for both operating systems. I will show the steps using my Mac.

  1. To throw Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. Then click on the My computer option in the sidebar.

2. After that click on Browse.

3. Now navigate to the document and open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

4. Next, click on the photo and select the Copy the image option in the context menu that appears just above the image.

5. Once you have copied the image, open another app, and pastry he. In this test, I’m going to paste the image into the Pages app for Mac. And that’s all !

Recover Photos from PDF Documents Using Online Tool

What if you don’t want to download an app just to extract images from PDF documents because you only have to do it once in a while? Well, there are many reliable online tools like iLovePDF, PDFCandy, and PDF24 which can let you easily recover photos from PDF.

The process of extracting photos from PDF online is quite simple and identical. Simply go to your favorite site, then download the PDF document.

Then look for the option of extract images and you are good to go.

Extract images from PDF documents on Android

Thanks to a simple but effective application called “Smart Image Extractor” (free) recovering an image from the PDF document is quite simple. The app is available for free and supports Android 4.4 or later.

Once you have downloaded the app, launch it. After that, select the PDF document which image you want to extract, then click the Extract images option. The app will instantly extract the images and allow you to save them to your desired destination.

Extract images from PDF documents on iOS and iPadOS

On iPhone and iPad, your best bet is to capture the screenshot of the image you want to save and then use the native photo crop tool to get rid of the unwanted parts.

Simply open the PDF on your device then take the screenshot using the . Once the screenshot is captured, open it. After that press the Change option.

Then press the crop tool. Then use the handles to crop unwanted parts of the image. Be sure to press Do to finish. As the whole process barely takes a minute, I don’t think you can find it tedious.

Easily extract image from PDF documents

This is how you can save images from PDF documents to your device. Now that you know how the trick works, take the opportunity to easily recover photos whenever the need arises. Also check out our favorite photo editing apps to enhance the extracted images. Do you have any comments to share with us? If so, be sure to pass it on as we always welcome helpful suggestions.