Facebook and Instagram aren’t just social media platforms anymore. They have become a marketplace, a hub for watching videos like YouTube, a game streaming service, and more over the years. Among all of this, the ad network is what ties all of Facebook’s services into one. According to a report, Facebook generates over 98% of its total revenue from ads. It provides an overview of the scope of its ad network and the amount of data it collects for personalized ad targeting. Still, if Facebook has managed to grab your attention with its ad recommendations and you want to find an ad you’ve recently seen on Instagram or Facebook, then follow our guide below. In this article, we tell you where to find all your recently viewed ads on Instagram and Facebook.

Find recently viewed ads on Instagram and Facebook (2021)

Here we have mentioned all the ways you can find your recent ad activity on Instagram and Facebook. You can click on the links below to jump to a relevant section.

  • Find recently viewed ads on Instagram

1. To find recently viewed ads on Instagram, you need to install the Instagram app on your Android or iOS smartphone. Advertising activity is not available on the website. Once you have installed the app, open your profile and tap on the hamburger menu. Next, open the “Settings” menu.

2. Next, tap on “Ads” and select the “Advertising activity” option.

3. Here you will find all recently posted ads on Instagram. Keep in mind, Instagram only keeps a log of the advertisements you have interacted with On the platform. It includes ads you interact with on feed as well as Instagram Stories. If you just saw an ad while scrolling through your feed, it won’t appear here.

  • Find recently viewed ads on Facebook

1. If you’re using the Facebook app on Android or iOS, open the hamburger menu from the top navigation bar. After that, tap on the “Recent ad activity” option. If you don’t see the “Recent ad activity” option here, scroll down and tap “See more” to see more settings options.

2. Just like Instagram, you can find all recently viewed ads on Facebook here. It also gives you information about when you clicked on the link and the possibility of save ad for further reading.

3. Apart from the app, Facebook also allows you to find recently posted ads on its desktop and mobile website. However, keep in mind that it only gives information about the advertiser and not the exact ad. If you are on a desk, click on this link to see your recent ad activity on Facebook.

4. And if you are using Facebook on a mobile browser, open the hamburger menu and scroll down. Right here, tap Settings.

5. After that scroll down and open “ Announcement preferences“. Next, tap on “Advertisers whose ads you clicked on” to see the ads you’ve recently seen in your feed.

6. Here You Go find list of advertisers who you interacted with on Facebook.

Check out old ads on Instagram and Facebook

This is how you can find old ads you’ve recently seen and interacted with on Instagram and Facebook. We all know how powerful Facebook is, as a company, when it comes to ad targeting. While this helps many people find their product choice, it doesn’t work for me. If you want to severely prevent Facebook from targeting you with personalized ads, go through our guide and remove off-Facebook activity. This will prevent Facebook from using your advertising preferences data collected from third-party applications.

And if you’re done with Facebook’s absolute disregard for user privacy, then go ahead and delete your Facebook account without a trace. Finally, if you are looking for a way to restore deleted Instagram posts, you can do that too. Just follow our linked guide. Anyway, it all comes from us. If you have any questions, comment below and let us know. We will surely try to help you.