While Google isn’t hailed as the king of hardware, we can all agree that when it comes to software, UI design, aesthetics, and especially wallpapers, it offers the best smartphone experience. Google just announced the Pixel 5 and brought along a handful of live wallpapers that we’re fans of. Last year, we detailed a simple guide on how to install Pixel 4 live wallpapers on any Android device. After the annual ritual, we’ve put together a guide on how to get Pixel 5 live wallpapers on any Android smartphone. So on that note, let’s go ahead and learn the steps.

Get Pixel 5 live wallpapers on any Android smartphone

This is a general guide for all Android devices running Android Nougat and higher. If you are facing issues like live wallpaper not applying on lock screen, you can find the solution in the following section.

These issues are usually prevalent on Android devices running MIUI and Realme UI, so we discussed at length how to fix them. problems in the next section. Nevertheless, follow the steps in this section and check if it works on your Android smartphone.

1. First of all, Download Pixel 5 Live Wallpaper APK by APKMirror. The APK was ported by Pranav Pandey on the XDA-Forum and he has been doing it for many years. Huge thanks to his efforts.

2. Next, install the live wallpaper APK like any other Android APK. If you get a security prompt, tap “Settings” and allow installation.

3. After the Pixel 5 live wallpaper is installed, open the Play Store and install the Wallpapers application (To free) by Google.

4. Next, open the Wallpapers app and scroll down. Here you will find the ” Live Wallpapers Section. Open it up and you’ll find all new Pixel 5 wallpapers, including Moving Shadows and Stepping Stones.

5. Simply tap on your choice of wallpaper and select ” Set Wallpaper“.

6. That’s it. Pixel 5 Live Wallpaper working on my android smartphone, OnePlus 7T without any problems.

Install Pixel 5 Live Wallpapers on MIUI and Realme UI

1. If the The Wallpapers app does not show the “Open” button then follow this step to manually trigger the Wallpapers app. Go ahead and install Activity Launcher (To free) on your Android smartphone.

2. After installation, open Activity Launcher and search for “Wallpapers”. Now expand the “Wallpapers” menu and press the first option. This should take you straight to the Wallpapers app and from there you can easily access and set the Pixel 5 Live wallpapers on your Android device.

3. If the first option does not work, try the other options. Apart from that, if you want quick access to live wallpapers, you can also create a shortcut. Press and hold on the option and select “Create Shortcut”. This will make a shortcut on your home screen.

8. Just in case, the The Pixel 5 live wallpaper is does not apply on lock screen then follow this simple trick. Press and hold the home screen and open “Wallpaper”. Now, open the “Wallpapers” menu which is in the center.

9. A new Live Wallpapers section will open. Now, click any live wallpaper and press “Download”. After that, tap “Apply” and choose “Set to Both”.

10. Finally, open the Google Wallpapers app and navigate to the ” Live Wallpapers » section. Now set any Pixel 5 live wallpaper you want and this time it will work on both home screen and lock screen.

Discover Pixel 5 live wallpapers on your Android smartphone

This is how you can install Pixel 5 live wallpaper on Android devices running Nougat and later. I tested this feature on my OnePlus 7T running OxygenOS 10 and Redmi Note 7 running MIUI 11. While live wallpapers worked immediately on my OnePlus 7T, I had to tweak Redmi Note 7 a bit to get it to work .

So if you’re using a stock-ish Android, the Pixel 5 live wallpapers will work just fine. Anyway, it all comes from us. If you want to install Super Wallpapers from MIUI 12, follow our linked guide.