Calculating on a small Apple Watch screen might seem like a cumbersome task to many, but it’s certainly useful in a pinch. Whether it’s performing basic calculations on the go or calculating a tip amount for a dinner check, a lightweight and intuitive calculator app for your Apple Watch can help. If you’re not a fan of digging into your iPhone to do basic calculations, you might as well want to get a calculator app on your Apple Watch. In this article we show you the list of best apple watch calucaltor apps

How to Get the Calculator App on Apple Watch

Install watchOS 6 or later to get a native compute app for your Apple Watch

After a long wait, Apple has finally released a native calculator app for Apple Watch in watchOS 6 which is compatible with all Apple Watch models except the original model. So if you have watchOS 6 or later, you don’t need to look anywhere else to get a reliable calculator app for basic calculation.

The interface looks quite similar to the stock calculator app for iOS. So if you’ve tried the native iPhone Calculator app, you’ll find the watchOS Calculator app quite familiar. Notably, the official Apple Watch Calculator app also includes a dedicated TIP button so you can easily calculate the tip amount for a dinner check.

Best Third-Party Calculator Apps for Apple Watch (Free and Paid)

Since watchOS 6 is compatible with even older Apple Watch models such as Apple Watch Series 1, 2, and 3, you can use the native Compute app even if you are not using the latest Watch models. But what if you are using the original Apple Watch (released in 2015) which is not compatible with the stock calculator app or you just want to have a more feature rich calculator app, look no further than these third-party offerings.

1. Calbot 2

Featuring a neat and more vivid interface, Calbot 2 is probably the the most intuitive apple watch calculator app. From performing calculations to converting units, it delivers. Moreover, it is also a bit better in terms of tip calculation and bill splitting on the smartwatch.

Calbot features a story strip so you can refer to the calculations later. Also, support for over 500 units in 22 different categories and the ability to calculate favorites for instant access make this a complete calculator app for watchOS.

To install: (free, $1.99 for the pro version)

2. PCalc

If you have activated your view a feature-rich calculator app for your Apple Watch, look no further than PCalc. The application has an extensive set of unit conversions and constants. In addition, there is also technical and scientific notation, as well as support for hexadecimal, octal and binary calculations. But what caught my eye in this powerful calculator app is a choice of button layout which add some cool customization into the mix.

Not just PCalc features a multi-line display and allows for multiple undos and redos, which is a big plus from a flexibility perspective. Although the app is quite expensive at $10, considering the array of premium features, you can’t go wrong.

To install: ($9.99)

3.CALC Smart

CALC Smart is another powerful calculator app for Apple Watch. The app has a impressive user interface it feels quite fluid and responsive. Moreover, it also provides quick conversions by taking advantage of swipe gestures. And with a tip calculator with approximations, it’s up to snuff when it comes to calculating a tip. That’s not all, CALC Smart boasts a multitude of user-definable functions and constants.

However, what sets CALC Smart apart is a large collection of layout options which allow you to customize the interface. Also, the ability to convert your results into 21 different categories, including currency, further enhances its reputation as one of the most popular calculator apps for Apple Watch.

To install: ($5.99)

4. Calculator ‰

If you are looking for simplicity and ease of use, Calculator ‰ might be a good choice. The app features a clean layout this allows you to easily perform basic calculations. Although it doesn’t offer much customization, you won’t have many complaints because it’s completely free. And with the watchOS 3.2 support or later, it is compatible with all Apple Watch models.

To install: (To free)

5. HD++ Calculator

For people looking for one of the best free calculator apps for Apple Watch, Calculator HD++ might be a strong contender. The watchOS Calculation app has placed more emphasis on providing a simplified calculation experience. He has neat user interface it might not look catchy, but it’s pretty smooth and responsive. It displays results as you type and supports multiple undos so you can calculate with the flexibility you want. Additionally, HD++ Calculator is also AirPrint-compatible to allow you to easily print your calculation.

To install: (To free)

Why not use Siri to perform basic calculations?

I know some of you would say that Siri is more than handy for basic calculations on Apple Watch, so why mess with a tiny calculator? While I don’t completely dismiss this claim, I don’t support it either.

For what it’s worth, a intuitive GUI app feels more convenient than asking Siri to perform math functions. Times when you’re in a noisy environment where Siri can’t hear you, or you’re in a meeting where keeping the peace is the top priority, or your Apple Watch isn’t connected to the internet, a calculator app seems like a better choice.

Not to mention that Siri is still not efficient enough to fully understand the different accents. So, I suggest you make the most of the virtual assistant for simple calculation, but have a neat calculator app if you often have to indulge in unit conversion or a bit complex calculation.

Choose the best calculator app for your Apple Watch

Hope you have found a perfect calculator app for your Apple Watch. As I said above, the stock calculator app for watchOS is more than capable of basic calculations. However, if your smartwatch isn’t compatible with the official calculator app or you want a more powerful calculator app, third-party offerings can fill the void. If you liked this article, you’ll also enjoy the following Apple Watch articles, so click the links to check them out.

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By the way, what’s your favorite calculator app for watchOS? It would be nice to have your feedback in the comments below.