WhatsApp and Telegram offer ways to allow you to hide your profile picture from other users. While the former lets you set profile picture visibility for your contacts and person, the latter offers the option to individually hide your profile picture from specific users and groups. If you are wondering how to use the feature, here are the steps to hide profile pictures on WhatsApp and Telegram.

Hide profile picture on WhatsApp and Telegram

Hide Profile Picture on WhatsApp

1. Open WhatsApp and tap on the vertical three-dot menu in the upper right corner. From the list of available options, tap Settings. When the Settings page appears, choose “Account”.

2. On the Account Settings page, tap on Privacy and tap on “Profile picture” in the “Who can see my personal information” section.

3. Now you will see the available profile picture privacy settings – Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody. Set privacy to “Nobody” if you don’t want anyone on WhatsApp to see your profile picture. You can also set privacy to “My Contacts” in case you want to allow people in your address book to see your display image.

Hide display image on Telegram

1. Open Telegram and swipe right to access settings. From the Settings page, tap “Privacy and security”.

2. In the Privacy section of the Privacy & Security page, you will see the “Profile Pictures” settings. Tap on it to see the available options – Everyone and My Contacts. Here you can choose to hide your profile picture from certain people or groups using the “Never allow” option.

3. Tap Never allow and choose the contacts and group whose profile picture you want to hide.. Once done, tap on the floating tick action button to save the hidden contact list. You should now tap the tick icon in the upper right corner of the screen to confirm the changes. Similarly, you can add contacts to the “Always allow” list to let them see your profile picture.

Hide WhatsApp and Telegram profile pictures

This is how you can hide profile pictures on WhatsApp and Telegram. In case you were wondering, Signal doesn’t have the ability to hide profile pictures of specific people, which is why we haven’t covered it. If you are new to Telegram or WhatsApp, check out the best Telegram tips and tricks and WhatsApp tips and tricks article to get started.