While social media is typically used to build communities, there are times when you might want to share something on Twitter without receiving replies. Fortunately, you can choose who can answer to your tweets using the iPhone, iPad and Android Twitter apps, as well as the Twitter website.

Choose who can reply to tweets on iPhone, iPad and Android

By default, Twitter allows everyone to reply to your tweets (if your account is public) or only your followers (if your account is private). The option to limit the number of people who can reply is set by tweet while you are composing a message.

To get started, open the Twitter app on your iPhone, iPad, Where Android.

Next, tap on the Compose Tweet button located in the lower right corner of the app.

Tap the blue Write Tweet button in the lower right corner of the app

You can type a tweet now or wait until later. In any case, select the “Anyone can reply” link to define who can reply to this tweet.

Select the link

Choose the option “People you follow” or “Only people you mention”. The first will limit replies to everyone your Twitter account follows, and the second will limit replies to anyone you mention “@” in your tweet.


If you don’t mention anyone in your tweet and you select the option “Only people you mention”, no one will be able to reply to your message (except yourself).

Compose a message that you want to share on Twitter if you haven’t already, then press the “Tweet” button.

Compose a message, and then press the button.

And that’s it – your tweet has been shared and replies will be limited to the one you choose. You can select any tweet and see who is allowed to reply.

Once selected, the tweet will display your response setting

Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t allow you to change who gets to respond to a tweet after the fact. Once you click on the “Tweet” button, your choice will be set in stone.

Soon: [Updated] Twitter now lets you control who can reply to you

Choose who can reply to tweets on the web

The process for limiting responses to your tweets using the Twitter website is almost the same as tweeting from a mobile app.

Start by visiting Twitter desktop website on your computer using the browser of your choice. From the home page, click in the edit box at the top of the windows.

Click on the tweet box at the top of the page

You can also select the blue “Tweet” button located in the left pane if you don’t see the compose box.

Next, compose a message that you want to tweet and click on the “Anyone can reply” link.

Write a tweet, then click on the link

Choose the option “People You Follow” or “Only People You Mention”, whichever best suits your needs.


All you have to do is click on the “Tweet” button. Your tweet will now be shared with all your followers.

When you

As mentioned earlier, you won’t be able to change who can respond to your tweet after the fact. You will need to delete the post and share it again to make any changes.