With up to 32GB of total onboard storage, you need to manage your Apple Watch storage efficiently to ensure the smartwatch is not cluttered with space. Although few people like to store photos on Apple Watch, some of us like to sync photos to get the most out of Photo Watch Face which automatically cycles through selected images. To prevent images from taking up space, watchOS offers a nifty way to intelligently manage photo storage. Follow along to find out how this thoughtful Apple Watch storage management feature works!

Manage Apple Watch Photo Storage Using Watch App on iPhone

For better management of photo storage on Apple Watch, watchOS lets you set a photo limit. For example, you can choose to restrict the smartwatch to only store 25 images, which I think should be the preferred option, especially if you’re using the older models. The Apple Watch Series 4 comes with 16GB of storage and the Series 3 GPS model only has 8GB of storage.

Only with the new Apple Watch Series 5, Series 6 and Apple Watch SE do you get 32GB storage. So depending on your Apple Watch model, you have to choose how many images you want on your watch.

  1. Start the Watch app on your paired iPhone.

2. Now press the My watch tab at the bottom left of the screen.

3. Next, scroll down and choose the Photo options.

4. In the Photo Storage section, tap the Photo limit option.

5. On this screen, you have four options: 25 pics, 100 pics, 250 pics and 500 pics. For better storage management, I recommend you go for the lowest option. Select it, then exit the setting.

Free up Apple Watch photo storage to avoid clutter

This is how you can take the desired control over the Apple Watch photo storage. Considering the value of storage, you should only allow a limited number of images to be stored on the watch. Clogged storage tends to create lots of problems, such as unexpected slowness, random system crash, and rapid battery drain. Therefore, you need to make sure that unnecessary apps and redundant files don’t accumulate to become problematic.