PUBG Mobile is one of the best battle royale games and has a community all over the world. Its classic deathmatch is quite popular among mobile gamers, which even beats Fortnite’s 100-player battle royale mode. That said, the game is unavailable in some regions, and because of this, many avid gamers are being left behind. So, in this guide, we bring you a simple guide on how to play PUBG Mobile in restricted regions. If you are facing “Error Code: Restricted Area” when launching PUBG Mobile, this guide will help you avoid the problem. On that note, let’s go ahead and find out how to play PUBG Mobile in regions where the game is not available.

To note: We demonstrate this method for informational purposes. We do not encourage players to use this method to play PUBG in a country where it has been specifically banned by the government.

Play PUBG Mobile in Restricted Regions

1. To play PUBG Mobile in restricted regions, you need to download a VPN for your Android or iOS device. I would recommend ProtonVPN because it offers servers from three major regions for free.

2. Now connect the VPN to the american server. You can also connect to the Japanese server, but I got a reasonably decent ping when connected to a US server.

3. Once you are connected to the VPN, open PUBG Mobile as you normally do. Then press ” Select mode ” located in the lower left corner.

4. Here, click on the server located in the upper right corner and choose your server choice.

5. Finally, press “Start” and you will be launched into the game without any errors. During my tests, I got about 300-600ms ping that’s definitely not great, but definitely playable.

Run PUBG Mobile in Restricted Regions

This is how you can play PUBG Mobile in restricted regions without facing errors like “Error Code: Restricted Area”. Indeed, the gameplay is not as smooth as one might expect, but as I said above, it is more than playable. Opting for a paid VPN plan would also improve ping in PUBG and overall gameplay. Either way, it’s all about us. If you face any problem, comment below and let us know.