Whether it’s launching apps or switching between open apps, the Dock makes it easy. For a personalized experience, the app launcher also offers plenty of customizations. For example, you can hide/show the Dock, change its position, and even change its size as needed. In this article, I will show how you can quickly resize Dock on Mac.

How to Resize Mac Dock: 2 Quick Ways Explained

There are two ways to adjust the Dock size on macOS. While one way is to use mouse/trackpad, the other way is to use Dock preferences. If you want to fine-tune the app launcher appearance instantly, go for the first method.

However, if you prefer to adjust the size with a slider, you can head to Dock preferences. Thanks to a handy trick, you can dive into the app launcher settings with just a few clicks. So, fine-tuning the app launcher doesn’t seem like a tedious task.

Resize Mac Dock Using Mouse or Trackpad

  1. To start, just hover your mouse pointer above vertical divider in the Quay. You can find the vertical separator between app icons and file shortcuts.

2. The moment you place the mouse pointer in the right place, it will turn into a The arrow.

3. Now if you want increase dock size, hold down the trackpad/main mouse button, then drag it out of the Dock.

4. And if you want to reduce the size of your Mac Dock, drag the pointer to the edge of the Dock.

Note that there is a limit to how big or how small the Dock can be. So it won’t grow/shrink when it reaches the maximum allowed size.

Resize Mac Dock Using System Preferences

Adjusting the size of macOS Dock using System Preferences is just as easy.

  1. Simply, right-click/control-click on an empty area of ​​the Dock. Be sure to click on it near the dividing line.

2. Now, a menu will appear with several options. Click on Dock Preferences.

3. Then you can use the Size slider to perfectly resize the Dock. Drag the slider to the left to reduce the size of the application launcher. And drag it to the right to increase its size. Once you’ve fine-tuned it, exit System Preferences.

Easily customize the Dock on Mac

It is more or less that ! This is how you can resize the Dock on your Mac. Now that you know how this small but nifty trick works, take advantage of it to make the look of the app launcher suit your needs.

By the way, what do you think of Dock in general and macOS Big Sur in particular? Share your feedback and what kind of improvements you want to see in the app launcher.