Having a last name that hardly anyone pronounces correctly becomes boring. Fortunately, LinkedIn has a feature that helps others pronounce your name correctly. Just register your first and last name and never worry about a recruiter or future employer mispronouncing your name again.

Start by opening the LinkedIn app on your iPhone, iPad, Where Android device. You can listen to the pronunciations of names on LinkedIn Desktop Website, but it must be saved on a smartphone.

On the app’s home page, tap your profile avatar in the top left corner.

Select your profile icon in the upper left corner

Then select the “View Profile” link located at the top of the drop-down menu.

Select the link

You should now see your LinkedIn profile. Tap the pencil icon next to your head photo to edit your profile.

Tap the Edit button on your profile page

Tap the “Add name pronunciation” link below the first and last name sections.

Tap the link

Allow the LinkedIn app to access your smartphone’s microphone

Allow the LinkedIn app to access your phone's microphone

Press and hold the blue microphone button to record your name. You have up to 10 seconds to say the correct pronunciation of your first and last name. LinkedIn also recommends that you limit background noise, speak slowly, pronounce each syllable clearly, and hold your phone about four inches from your mouth.

Press and hold the microphone button and say your name

Press the Play button to listen to your played audio recording. If you are not satisfied, select the “Resume” button. Click the “Apply” button to add the recording to your LinkedIn profile.

Select the "Apply" button when you are satisfied with the recording

Before saving any changes and exiting the edit page, you can change who can listen to the pronunciation recording of your name. To do this, press the “Visible to” link.

Tap the link

Choose one of the two sharing options. Either all Linkedin members can listen to your name (the default option), or only “first degree connections”.

Choose who can listen to the pronunciation of your name

When you are ready to exit the process of editing the LinkedIn profile, press the “Save” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Push the button

Now, whenever someone views your LinkedIn profile, they should see the audio icon next to your name. Select your profile icon (or someone else’s) to hear the name spoken.

Select the Audio icon to hear the pronunciation of your name

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