After the launch of Google TV, things have heated up in the Android TV space. We managed to install Google TV on Android TV and luckily it worked pretty well with a few exceptions. This has led us to many revelations and we have included all of our findings in our Android TV tips and tricks article. And now we have come up with a simple tutorial on how to remap Android TV remote to bring additional shortcuts and features. You can take screenshots with just a press of the button, skip tracks with the volume buttons, turn off the screen, and do a whole lot more. So, if you want to learn how to remap Android TV remote, follow this.

Remap Android TV remote to add new shortcuts

First of all, you must install Button Mapper app. It is a free app, but some of the customizations require you to pay a one-time fee of $4.99 (Rs. 175). The developer is kind enough to let you use the Pro features without paying any fees. Press “No thanks” whenever you get the Pro feature prompt. That said, you should consider going for the paid plan if you plan to use the app on your Android TV.

1. To install the app, open Play Store on your Android TV and search for “map button”. After that, install the app. Alternatively, you can install Button Mapper (To free, offers in-app purchases) to your Android TV from your desktop as well.

2. Once the app is installed, open Button Mapper and you will be asked to enable accessibility service. Click “OK”.

3. Now open Settings and go to Device preferences -> scroll down to Accessibility -> Button Mapper -> Enable toggle.

4. Open Button Mapper again and click ” home button“.

5. Now, turn on the toggle for “Customize” and choose the pattern for using the Home button. For example, I selected “Double tap” for the Home button.

6. Next, choose the action you want to perform. I selected ” Screenshot“.

7. Now you are ready. Simply double tap the Home button on your Android TV remote and your TV will take a screenshot. After that, you can use the Send Files to TV app (To free, offers in-app purchases) to transfer the image to your smartphone.

8. Similarly, you can remap the Back and Menu buttons. But here I will show you how change lane using the “volume buttons”.

9. Enable the toggle for “Customize” and choose ” Long press” (or any other option you want).

10. Next, go to the drop-down menu where there is “Actions” and change it to “Media”. Now select “Next Track”. You have finished. If you are listening to songs on Spotify, just press Volume Up button twice and it will change the track.

11. Finally, you can also customize other buttons on your remote. For example, I don’t use the dedicated Prime Video button on my Android TV remote. So to change the default buttons, click on “Add buttons“.

12. Here, click on “Add Buttons” and press the button on your remote control you want to modify. I pressed the Prime Video button.

13. It will now register the remote button. Then switch to the saved button and open it.

14. Now go ahead and customize any action you want, exactly as I showed you above.

Remap Android TV remote and take screenshots or edit tracks seamlessly

This is how you can remap the Android TV remote and perform multiple tasks including taking screenshots, switching to the last opened app, turning off the screen and much more. I especially like taking screenshots on my Android TV by simply double-pressing the Home button on the remote. I’m sure you’ll find your own use case as well. So go ahead and try the Button Mapper app and use it to your advantage. Anyway, it all comes from us. If you face any problem, leave a comment below.