When we read blogs and news articles or scour the internet for interesting websites, we often find the need to locate a particular word or phrase on the web page. But there is no obvious way to do this, and as a result, people spend excessive time manually scrolling the webpage and searching for the phrase. What if I told you that there is not one but two ways to perform text searches on web pages on iPhone and iPad?

The funny thing is that this feature has been on iPhones for a long time, and yet many users are unaware of its existence. Well, if you also don’t know how to search for text (CMD+F function on Mac), here’s how to do it on your iPhone and iPad.

Search Text on Web Pages on iPhone and iPad

As I said, you can use two methods to perform text searches on websites on iPhone and iPad. And this is nothing new. It’s been around since iOS 9. So whether you’re using older versions of iOS or the latest iOS 14, here’s how to do it.

Search for text on a web page using the Share menu

For the first method, we are going to use the Share menu on the iPhone.

1. In Safari, open the webpage and press the “Share” button. If you can’t find it, scroll up to reveal it (the bottom menu hides when you scroll down on a webpage).

2. Here, tap “Find on page” and type your query.

3. Now it will search and show you the number of times the word or phrase appears on this webpage. You can use the up and down arrows to find previous and next instances of your query. You can also tap inside the box to edit the query. Tap “Done” when you find what you’re looking for.

Search for text on a web page using the address bar

This method is also as simple as the previous one and works the same way. So you only have to remember one of them.

1. After opening the webpage in Safari, tap the URL address bar at the top.

2. Start typing your query, and it will show you an option to find that query in the “On this page” section. Press it.

3. Again, use the arrows to jump between the previous and next occurrence of the query. You can also tap inside the box to edit the query.

Search Text on Websites on iPhone and iPad

As you can see, it is quite easy to search text on iPhone and iPad. You don’t even have to remember a keyboard shortcut like you do on Mac. Just tap the share button or URL bar and type in your query.

However, if you encounter any problem while following the tutorial, ask your questions below and I will help you. If you liked this article, don’t forget to read our article on iPhone shortcuts to learn 30 tips and tricks like this.