Auto-reply is a missing feature on Signal and other widely used messaging apps. After releasing apps to automate Instagram, Telegram and Facebook Messenger messages in the past, a developer by the name of TK Studio has launched an autoresponder app for Signal in response to the massive adoption of the secure messaging app.

Send automated responses in Signal

AutoResponder for Signal does not require you to log in to your Signal account. Instead, he use notification access to detect incoming Signal messages. Once the app is installed, you need to grant the notification access permission for the app to work as expected.

1. Download and install AutoResponder for Signal from Play Store. As soon as you open it, the app will prompt you to grant notification access permission. Press the “Start” button and toggle the toggle for ‘AutoResponder for SGNL’ on the notification access page.

2. Tap the ‘+’ floating action button on the home page to create a new rule. Here you can configure the message received and the response to this message. While the free version offers exact matching and similarity matching for messages, you can get advanced features including pattern matching, expert pattern matching, and even a welcome message with the pro subscription.

3. After choosing both received messages and reply messages, you can now choose whether the rule should be activated only for individuals, groups or both. You can also configure it to work with specific contacts and ignore certain contacts. Press the FAB check mark to save the rule.

4. I configured the app to respond with “Hello” when someone sends “Hello” and “Test 2” when a Signal user sends me “Hello”. As you can see below, the app is working as expected and has automatically replied to the message. You can long press and turn off the app notification if you don’t want to see your chat log in the notification shade. Learn more about disabling spam notifications in our linked guide.

Features of the AutoResponder for Signal

Take a look at the full list of features, as detailed by the developer below:

  • Automatic response to Signal messages
  • React to all messages when you are busy
  • Send replies to specific messages
  • Welcome message for new chats – requires Pro
  • Live Response Replacements
  • Multiple answers in one rule – requires Pro
  • Works with contacts and groups
  • Ignore and specify contacts and groups
  • Automatic timer with delay
  • AI with – requires Pro
  • Tasker plugin – requires Pro
  • Backup rules for easy recovery

Automate responses in Signal

This is how you can send automated responses in Signal. Although you need a Pro subscription for advanced features like welcome messages and Tasker integration, the free version offers enough functionality for a regular user to automate messages, especially if you’re an owner. of a small business. For more such advice, check out our articles on Signal’s best features and Signal’s tips and tricks.