Many default ringtones, like the original iPhone Marimba or Nokia’s iconic 1990s monophonic song, have achieved cult status over the years. Things, however, have changed since those days with people preferring to set custom ringtones to stand out from the angry crowd. So, if you are also looking to set your favorite music as a custom ringtone on your Android smartphone, then you have come to the right place. Because today we are going to show you how to set any song or audio track as a custom ringtone on your Android smartphone.

Set any song as custom ringtone on Android

Having a personalized ringtone on your phone means you won’t be reaching into your pockets when someone else’s phone rings, or ignoring an important call on your own phone under the same mistaken belief. So, if you want to use the program, here is how to set any song as custom ringtone on your Android devices. Before you begin, however, note that the tip will only work with certain file formats, including mp3, so be sure to check the file format of your preferred track before going any further.

Set ringtone from built-in options

To note: As with anything Android, the exact options may differ from device to device depending on the Android version and manufacturer..

  • To change your Android ringtone, first go to Settings > Sound (could be listed as “Sound and vibration” in some devices).
  • Scroll down and select Alarm. If you get a confirmation pop-up from the ringtone manager, prompting you to select a default application, select Media storage. Otherwise, just skip to the next step.
  • Under Phone Ringtones, you should find a slew of built-in melodies to choose from. Tap them one by one to hear them before making your selection. Once you find one you like, tap Okay to save your selection.

Set any audio track as a custom ringtone

To note: Again, the exact method to set your favorite song as your custom ringtone on Android will vary from device to device. However, the tutorial below should give you an idea of ​​how to do this on your particular device..

  • Move towards Settings > Sound > Ringtone as described above. Now scroll down and tap Add ringtone. You will be redirected to the default File Manager application. To go to the audio section to make your selection.
  • From there, select your favorite song that you want as the default ringtone on your phone. The song/track you choose will be automatically added at the end of the existing list and you can use it as a new ringtone.

To note: Only the first few seconds of an audio track will be selected as the ringtone. If it doesn’t include your favorite part of the song, use audio editing software to extract that part and create a separate audio file.

Set your favorite song as custom ringtone on Android

Now that you know how to change your phone’s default ringtone to something more personal, go ahead and give it a try and let us know how it went. And since you like to customize your Android smartphone, check out our other Android customization guides, including how to change wallpapers automatically, how to customize Android 11 power menu controls, and how to turn off all sensors on your Android device. While you’re at it, also learn how to remotely control your Android smartphone from another Android device in a few easy steps.