Although Apple Mail has improved considerably with the addition of useful features such as marking emails with different colors and displaying the most recent message at the top of a thread, it is still far from perfect. be as effective as third-party offerings like Outlook. Whether it’s the confusing interface or the lack of a smart tool to manage the inbox, the messaging app has a long way to go to be on par with its competitors. But don’t worry, those days of suffering are over as you can finally set Outlook as your default email in iOS 14 on your iPhone or iPad.

Use Outlook as Default Mail App in iOS 14 on iPhone and iPad

It’s no secret that Apple wants to have absolute control over the ecosystem, which leaves very little room for customization. While expecting full-fledged freedom for customization in the near future would be nothing short of wishful thinking, the tech giant has slowly but surely begun to loosen up the so-called walled garden.

Things like cool home screen widgets, App Library, letting third-party browsers run by default, and allowing Siri to play well with competing music streaming services like Spotify give enough indication that ‘Apple finally started thinking on the other side of the spectrum.

That said, before proceeding with the steps, make sure to update the Microsoft Outlook application. To do this, head to the App Store -> Today tab -> Your avatar -> Outlook. Now update the app as usual.

  1. Start the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Now scroll down and choose Outlook.

3. Next, press the Default messaging app.

4. Then choose Outlook.

It is more or less that ! Going forward, Outlook will work as the default mail app on your iDevice. So all email links will open directly in this app.

Of course, if you ever change your mind and want to use Apple Mail again, go back to the same setting and then choose it at the end.

Use Microsoft Outlook as Default Mail App on iPhone and iPad

This is how you can set Outlook as the default email app on your iDevice. As someone who relies heavily on email for formal communication, I’m really happy about this long-awaited change.

As we’re talking about iOS 14, I recommend checking out some equally cool features like headset audio customization, back tap, and the ability to limit third-party access to the Photos app.

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