Mainly because of privacy, I prefer to hide some personal apps like finance and habit trackers on the Apple Watch (and of course the iPhone). Even though the strong password is still there to protect apps from unauthorized access, sometimes I want to add an extra layer of protection so they can stay out of sight. Compared to iOS, watchOS provides a better way to show/hide apps installed on Apple Watch. If you haven’t tried this nifty trick yet, let me guide you:

How to Show or Hide Installed Apps on Apple Watch

The ability to hide Apple Watch apps is slightly hidden. As you might have already guessed, it’s on the companion app called “Watch” for iPhone.

The Watch app displays the complete list of all the apps you have installed on the smartwatch. Therefore, it becomes quite simple to put them behind a shield. And if you ever bring them back, all you have to do is activate the toggle. Yeah, it’s as simple as it gets!

  1. Open the Watch app on your paired iPhone.

2. Now make sure the My watch tab in the lower left corner of the screen is selected.

3. Next, scroll down to Installed on Apple Watch section (located at the bottom). As mentioned above, you should see the list of all the apps you have installed on the Apple Watch. Now tap on the one you want to hide.

4. Finally, turn off the toggle right next to the app, and you’re done. The change will take place immediately. I mean Apple Watch will immediately remove the app from home screen. And when you enable the toggle, it will appear on the home screen without any delay.

Show/Hide Apple Watch apps with ease

That’s how this nifty little trick works that lets you show or hide apps on your watchOS device. Whether you’re dealing with a naughty kid, a rather jealous sibling, or just want some extra defense for an application like dating or finance, this tip can be very useful. Did you find this hack useful? Share your comments with us.

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