Whether you use Android or drive iOS daily, it’s hard to look past a versatile calendar app like Google Calendar. Deeply integrated with G-Suite, it makes event management a seamless experience across all platforms, including iOS. Plus, you can even sync Google Calendar with Apple Calendar on your iPhone and iPad to keep track of all your upcoming events from one place. Yes, you read that right ! You don’t need to run from pillar to pillar to track your events, even if you use both calendars. Let me help you get this seamless sync on the right track!

Sync Google Calendar with Apple Calendar on iOS/iPadOS

So how do you enable Google Calenar to sync with Apple Calenar on iOS? Well, Apple offers a reliable way to merge iPhone/iPad calendar with Google calendar directly from Settings app. Thus, you don’t need to use third-party tools or resort to any backdoor ways to enable calendar synchronization. On top of everything, you don’t even need to be running the latest version of iOS to enjoy this feature.

  1. To throw Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and choose To post.

2. Now press Accounts.

3. Then press To add Account and choose google.

4. Next, enter your Google ID and Password.

To note:

  • You may get a popup saying “Settings wants to use google.com to sign in. This allows the app and the website to share information about you. ». Press on To continue in the pop-up window to continue.

5. Then turn on the switch to Calendars then be sure to press To safeguard to activate synchronization.

6. Now run Calendar app on your iOS device, then tap the Calendars tab bottom center.

7. Finally, select calendar you want to sync with iOS Calendar. In the end, be sure to press Do in the upper right corner of the screen to finish.

That’s all we can say about it!

A quick way to merge Google Calendar with Apple Calendar on iOS

This is how you can sync your Google calendar with your iPhone or iPad calendar. Whether you recently switched from Android to iOS or just want to merge the two calendars to make it easier to track events, this hack could come in really handy.

By the way, which of these two calendar apps do you prefer and why? Personally, I find Google’s offering better largely due to the integration with G-Suite. Besides, the cross-platform availability also gives it a clear advantage over Apple Calendar, which is restricted to playing only within the Apple ecosystem.