Screenshots allow us to quickly record important information on mobile or computer screens. Windows offers two options for taking a screenshot. The first is via the good old PrtSc (Print Screen) button, and the second uses the Snipping Tool. When you take a screenshot with either method, it hides the mouse cursor. Also, there is no setting to include the mouse cursor with the screenshot. In this article, we take a look at some of the apps that let you take a screenshot with the mouse cursor on Windows.


ShareX is one of the popular options available to take a screenshot with the mouse cursor in Windows.

Notably, ShareX is also a handy tool, as it comes with a color picker, ruler, and even a QR Code decoder/encoder. Besides all these features, it can also work as a screen recorder.

1. Install ShareX on your PC.

2. Open ShareX. In the left pane, click on the “Task Settings” option.

3. Click Capture in the left pane. Here, make sure to enable the “Show cursor in screenshots” option.


You are now ready to take screenshots with the mouse cursor on Windows using ShareX software. You can take a screenshot by simply tapping the Capture button on the ShareX interface.

2. Greenshot

Another popular open source screen capture software is Greenshot. Apart from the usual screenshot, it also has additional editing features and fits our need to take screenshots with mouse cursor on Windows very well.

1. Install Greenshot on your Windows PC.

2. Since the application runs in the background, you need to go to the taskbar, click on the Greenshot logo, and then click on Preferences.

Greeshot Preferences

3. In the Settings window, go to the Capture tab and make sure the “Capture mouse pointer” option is checked.

Greenshot Screenshot with Windows Mouse Cursor

That’s it! You are ready to take a screenshot with a mouse pointer with Greenshot. Notably, it overrides the shortcut key combination Ctrl + PrtSc, to quickly take a screenshot.

3. Step Logger

Steps Recorder is an integrated software available on Windows. It is a tool that helps you record the steps or movements you perform on your computer. This comes in handy when trying to explain something to someone, like explaining your problem to a professional online support agent.

The good thing about the steps recorder is that it can also take screenshots of the steps. Here’s how to capture screenshots with this program:

1. Search for “Steps Recorder” in the start menu.

2. Open Steps Recorder and press the “Start Recording” button. Note that this app takes a screenshot of every “step” you can perform. When you click on the screen, the mouse cursor appears.

Step Recorder

3. Once you are done recording your steps, click the “Stop Recording” button. The software will expand and show you all the steps with the mouse cursor when you click on it.

Screenshot of Steps Recorder with Windows Mouse Cursor

4. You will notice that the active window appears under the green border.

4. IrfanView

This screenshot tool is developed by Irfan Skiljan, hence the name IrfanView. It is a good screenshot software which also allows you to edit, convert and process them directly in the application.

1. Install IrfanView.

2. Open the tool and open the Options menu.

3. Under Options, click on “Capture / Screenshot”.

Screenshot of Irfanview slider

4. In the new “Capture Setup” window, make sure to check the “Include mouse cursor” option.

Include Irfanview Mouse Cursor

To take a screenshot with IrfanView, you need to press the default Ctrl + F11 hotkey combination. You can change the keyboard shortcuts to your liking.


If you are looking to take screenshots with the mouse cursor in Windows 10, one of the tools above will come in very handy. Follow these steps if you want to take scrolling screenshots.