While smart TVs and Fire TV Sticks have brought the on-demand and streaming culture, some users still rely on their cloud storage. For example, many people want to stream movies and shows directly from Google Drive to Fire TV Stick. Also, some want to integrate Google Drive with Fire TV Stick so that files and APKs can be easily transferred. So, in this article, we are offering you a complete walkthrough on how to install and use Google Drive on Fire TV Stick in 2021. On that note, let’s get to the steps.

Use Google Drive on Fire TV Stick (2021)

As we know, we can’t use a bunch of Google apps on Fire TV Stick due to lack of Google Play Services, Framework and other components. This is also the case with Google Drive. So we need to find a workaround to use Google Drive on Fire TV Stick. We will be use Kodi on Fire TV Stick to access Google Drive Of the. Having explained the basic approach, let’s now move on to the steps.

1. First of all, follow our guide and learn how to install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Stick. We’ve updated the guide with the latest steps so you won’t have any trouble loading Kodi.

2. Once you are in Kodi, go to “Add-ons” and click “Search”.

3. Here, enter “ Google Driveand click the “OK” button.

4. After that, open “Google Drive” from the Result of the research.

5. Here, click on “ To install“.

6. Next, click on “ Okay“.

7. After a while, go back and Google Drive will be added to Kodi under the “ Additional modules » section. Open it.

8. Here, click on “Add an account“.

9. Now you will get a pop-up with URL and code. You can perform other operations on your smartphone or computer. Keep in mind that since you will be authorizing a third-party service to access your Google Drive, I recommend adding a disposable Google account. Just share the media files to the disposable account from your main account.

10. On your smartphone or computer, Enter code displayed on Kodi.

10. After that it will ask you to add or choose your google account.

11. Next you need to give the final authorization to authorize the Kodi addon to access Google Drive. If you want to disable access later, you can revoke permission from here.

12. Once you have authorized the Kodi addon, you will get a “ successful authentication on your smartphone or computer. And Kodi on your Fire TV Stick will automatically connect to your Google account.

13. On Kodi, simply click on your Last name.

14. There you go. all your Drive files available on Fire TV Stick through Kodi. You can play media files directly on Kodi as it is also a powerful media center.

Install Google Drive and Stream Media Files Directly

This is how you can add Google Drive to Fire TV Stick using Kodi. In my usage so far, Google Drive really worked on Kodi and Kodi itself was quite responsive on Fire TV Stick. So go ahead and try the method I explained above. If you want to learn more about sideloading Android APKs on Fire TV Stick, check out our linked guide. Anyway, it all comes from us. If you face any problem, comment below and let us know.