Pinterest is currently one of the most popular and fastest growing social media platforms, which is why many businesses (but mainly those in the fields of design, art and architecture) cultivate a Pinterest presence. Pinterest in particular lends itself to sharing visual content, so you shouldn’t overlook optimizing your content for Pinterest if you think you can benefit from it.

If you want more than just a social media presence, you can upgrade to a business account and also verify your WordPress site on Pinterest to experience the benefits of increased integration. But what are the benefits, exactly? How to get a professional account? We will try to answer these and other questions that you may have in this article. Here’s what we’re going to talk about:

Why check your website on Pinterest?

Connecting to Pinterest is quite simple; anyone can do it, but verifying your account (making it “official”) gives you access to additional features.

The first and most obvious advantage is the access to Pinterest Analytics. You can use Pinterest Analytics to learn more about your visitors who are also Pinterest users and use that knowledge to inform your content creation and marketing strategies.

Not only that, you can get insights into how your Pinterest content is performing: You’ll know how many clicks, engagements, and saves your Pins are getting, further informing you of what content is performing best.

Finally, you will only be able to monetize your Pinterest content through the use of ads if you have a verified account.

How to switch to a Pinterest business account

In order to convert a regular Pinterest account to a business account, you must first log in to your Pinterest account.

Click the down arrow in the upper right corner and select Convert to business.

Convert to business

On the next screen, click the Convert account button.

Convert account

Next, you need to fill in some information about your business: its name, website, and location. You can also add an image to your profile. Click on Next once you have finished.


On the next screen, you can select a goal for your business and select up to three goals. When you have made your selections, click Next.

To install

Next, you must describe your business by selecting its type. Click on Next once you have finished.

More details

To access the full range of Pinterest features, select that you intend to run ads, then click Next.

Ads Yes

You will then be asked to enter more details in order to obtain targeted advertising assistance. You can To jump this part for now.

To jump

Pinterest will then offer help getting started with your business account. There are many options, but they are beyond the scope of this tutorial. You can click on the X in the upper right corner to skip this part.

Start Skip

And now you have a Pinterest Business account! However, it is still not connected to your website whether you have accessed a website or not.

How to verify your WordPress website on Pinterest

To connect your WordPress site to Pinterest, you need to claim it. Claiming a website for a Pinterest profile involves adding a piece of code to your website. You may not be comfortable editing your website code. If so, it might be a good idea to back everything up before trying to make any changes.

Once logged into your Pinterest account, click on the Down arrow menu and select Settings.

Pinterest Settings

Then select Claim in the left menu.


From the next menu, select Website.

Complaint website

You have now found the code you need to add to your website header. Click on it to copy it.

Add a label

Once copied, click To continue. You might want to paste the code snippet somewhere you can easily save it, like a separate text file.

Code copied

Once you have the code in your clipboard (ready to paste it), you need to find your theme’s header section. Access it by selecting Skin/Theme Editor from your WordPress dashboard.

Appearance Theme Editor

Select the header.php file in the right menu, then find the label. Paste your code just below, taking care not to disturb any other code. Scroll down and click Update file once you have finished.

Add a code header

Go back to your pinterest profile. It should show a directed window To verify. Enter your website URL in the required field, then click the button To verify button.

To verify

After a while you should see the Connected a message. Your site is now verified by Pinterest!


In conclusion

As you’ve seen, verifying your WordPress site on Pinterest is pretty easy – just follow the on-screen prompts – and the benefits abound. Of course, we can’t tell you how to actually grow your social following in certain terms. We do have some great tips though, especially on how to promote your website on social media or use your content to build a brand. However you end up approaching Pinterest, we think we’ve put a powerful tool in your hands with this tutorial.