While WhatsApp remains the most popular messaging app across all platforms, iMessage is the most popular messaging app on iDevices. And rightly so, because Apple’s Mail app is deeply integrated into the ecosystem. Whether it’s sharing fun Animojis and Memojis, bone-tickling GIFs, or photos/videos, the stock messages app gives you the flexibility to communicate your way. But have you ever wanted to show all your photos in threads on iPhone and iPad and don’t know how to do it? If so, follow it to manage your photos and videos shared via iMessage.

View all photos in threads on iOS

iMessage lets you view shared images and clips from each conversation thread. So, depending on your needs, you can dive into a specific conversation thread and view the file size of each image. Moreover, you also have the option to save an image and even share it.

  1. Start the Messaging app on your iPhone and iPad.

2. Now go to a conversation thread, the shared images you want to access.

3. Next, press the Name of the contact top center.

4. Next, press the “Info” button.

5. Next, scroll down and tap the See everything option. Now you should see the entire library of shared photos and screenshots. Then, browse the entire library to see your photos.

Note that you can also save and share the specific photo. To do this, press the Share button then choose save picture to save it to your photo library or share it via your favorite medium.

To note:

  • To make it easy for you to navigate through all your photos/videos and other media, iMessage offers three tabs named All, Photos, Screenshots.
  • By default, All is selected. So, you can tap on the respective tab to dive into the specific section.

6. If you want view all shared images in the list view, tap the list view button. On the next screen, you should see the list of all photos and videos along with their file sizes.

To note:

  • Unfortunately, iMessage doesn’t offer a way to remove unwanted photos from the list view.
  • If you want to get rid of all unnecessary images, head over to the Settings app -> General -> iPhone/iPad -> Messages. Now tap Photos/Videos and then tap the Edit button in the upper right corner.
  • After that, select the images you want to delete and press the button to erase button.

It is more or less that !

View All Photos in Threads on iPhone and iPad

This is how you can keep track of all photos and videos in iMessage threads. Now that you know how to view them, make the most of this hidden feature to not only liven up the nostalgia, but also to prevent unnecessary images from clogging up storage on your iOS device.

With iOS 14, Apple has significantly improved the stock Mail app. Adding features like pinning and mentioning made it more useful. What do you think of the Messages app and what changes would you like to see? Shoot your thoughts in the comments below.